Monday, 19 February 2018

My Healthcare Rewards

Having a few friends that have qualified to work in the healthcare system in the UK, I know from first hand experience how hard our Healthcare professionals work. They save lives on a daily basis, and thats nothing to be sniffed at! Its a hard job that takes a special kind of someone to do it.

At Emi we recognise these incredible people. We understand that sometimes a little retail therapy can be the needed pickmeup after a long day at work.

As a company, we've taken the active decision by signing up to My Healthcare Rewards scheme. We will be offering a flat rate 20% off all orders across our site, and thats on an on-going basis.

If you work in the Healthcare industry, and you want to benefit from this amazing offer, why not sign up to My Healthcare rewards and start benefitting immediately? 

Yearly subscription starts from just £12 and ranges to £30 for a 3 year subscription. New brands are signing up constantly! 

Head on over to their page for more info.

Thanks for your continued hardwork. Just remember, you are incredible and we fully recognise that.

Lots of love
Xander. x

Wednesday, 31 January 2018

Brand new collection & new styling featuring Vintageena at

Well, we listened to your feedback, and we took on board all of the valuable information that was fed back to us - so thank you!

Based on what we learnt, we teamed up with fashion blogger Vintageena (who, as luck would have it, lives just a few towns away from us here in the Swiss offices!). She came over to spend the day with me and discuss the direction on the label. Taking note of her unreal sense and style, I obviously listened to what she had to say.

The first collection that we shot together has just launched over at Freemans and is also available online at Silkfred.

With prices from just £15 and that includes: free standard delivery they are just too good to miss.

I'm really happy with how this collaboration turned out and I'm looking forward to a brighter, more positive future working together.

Check out the styles below,


Monday, 15 January 2018

A new year, and a new look with Vintageena


Welcome to the first post of many to come for 2018.

Well, we did it...we have succeeded in becoming the no1 supplier of costume jewellery into the FGH group which makes me so, so happy! 

What an exciting year we have ahead of us this of the projects I am embarking on is, looking into the aesthetics & styling of the brand and really defining who we are as an organisation/what we stand for.

One of the new changes I have implemented is how we style and shoot our collections and more importantly, who we use to model for us. We have teamed up with babe, Vintageena for our first collection of the year.

The collection has just been shot and is due to go live over at Freemans at the end of the month so stay tuned!!

...more announcements coming soon!

Peace & Love,
Xander xx